GPA and Class Rank GPA
  • GPA & Class Rank

    In June of 2019, the Boerne Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to approve proposed improvements to the GPA & Class Rank policy.

    You may see the presentation with approved revisions here: BISD GPA Policy Presentation

    You may submit questions on GPA and Class Rank HERE

    Letter to parents: GPA Modification for the Class of 2023 HERE



  • The Process

    Improvements began with a committee of 23 people representing students, administrators, board members, parents, and community members. This committee met throughout May and June 2019 to consider options that would best meet the desires of the district and community.

    Upon researching different GPAs from around the area and across the state, the committee developed a recommendation that would meet the following criteria it set for itself in reference to survey results done in early May.

    • Transparent / communication
    • Create even playing field
    • Limit grade inflation
    • Honoring the learning process; not the end product
    • Equity for all regardless of the pathways chosen
    • GPA vs ranking 
    • Simplicity
    • Clarify how GPA aligns with college admissions
    • Promotion of pathways and interests

     In response to a growing desire to establish a more concise and simplistic GPA calculating method as well as open possibilities for students to pursue interests, the GPA committee sought to create a system representing those interests.