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BISD Fine Art Return to Campus Guidance 2020-21 Procedures / Effective July 20, 2020

  • Introduction
    This is our BISD Fine Arts blueprint to return our students for skill development and training on our campuses for the summer and fall of 2020.  It’s our hope that this website meets these requirements for summer fine arts activities beginning on July 20th. 

    Please refer to the following website for BISD updates - COVID-19 BISD.

    District Fine Arts & Specific Department Guidelines
    In addition to the overall district procedures provided on this website, each summer fine arts group (Band, Choir, Dance, Theatre) has posted Department Guidelines for each of our facilities being used for summer camps on their websites and social media platforms. The Department Guidelines will provide a summary of the plan that will be followed to mitigate COVID-19 spread based on the requirements and recommendations outlined in the district information.  These recommendations will carry into the Fall.

    Current Guidance
    The following guidance is based on current data and knowledge of COVID-19, subsequent Executive Orders by our Governor, as well as UIL, TEA, CDC, and local guidelines. These protocols are in place until further notice and are subject to updates and modifications based on re-evaluation by district, local, state and/or national entities.

    Requirements for All Practices and Rehearsals
    The lead teacher of each of our fine arts program or class is responsible for ensuring that the health protocols are being successfully implemented and followed for any scheduled classes/practices/rehearsals on site. If there is more than one BISD Fine Arts Director on staff for said activity, this designation will fall on the Head Director.  Any district questions or clarifications needed fall on the Coordinator of Fine Arts Ken Peach. 

    All students will be allowed to participate in any UIL or Extracurricular activities regardless of the instructional model in which they choose to participate. (July 13 update).

    • Each program will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine implementation guidelines. Program sponsors will provide information to students and parents/families as information is available. E-Learning students are expected to provide their own transportation for required extra-curricular on campus class periods.

    Specific Fine Arts Programs referenced for this posting are related to the following programs: 

    • Art - Elem & Secondary
    • Band Secondary
    • Choir Secondary
    • Dance & Drill Team Secondary
    • Elementary Music
    • Orchestra Secondary
    • Theatre Secondary

    The following resources were consulted in developing the protocols applied: