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    Technology Services Department

    Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and support to students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff each day.

    The Technology Services department provides service and support to all campuses and auxiliary facilities in the acquisition and use of technology throughout the district.  This department works closely with the Teaching and Learning departments to ensure that technology is integrated into the classroom to enhance student learning. 

    The department provides support in the following areas:

    Office of Network Systems

    The Director for Network Systems leads a team that supports and maintains the District’s Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LANs) on all campus and administrative sites.  This team is also responsible for the installation of all file and application servers, data backups, security and policy management, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and anti-virus management. 

    Team responsibilities include technology asset management, inventory and procurement.  Members of this team help make technology procurement recommendations based on industry compatibility requirements and compatibility with existing systems.  All technology purchases are routed through to the Chief Technology Officer for approval.

    All software purchased for use within the District must have approval from both the Curriculum and Technology Departments prior to purchase.  All hardware must be approved by the Technology Department.  This safeguards against compatibility issues and helps to confirm adherence to established recommended standards for curriculum.  The Technology Department maintains a list of approved hardware and software containing most items commonly used throughout the District.

    This team also supports Boerne ISD’s computer and networking needs with device and peripheral support, audio/visual services, help desk support, and equipment repair.

    Office of Cybersecurity

    The Director of Cybersecurity serves as the Information Security Officer for the District and is responsible for managing Information Technology cybersecurity systems, processes, and services across the District.  The Director is responsible for ensuring that confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards are consistent with District standards and support the District's strategic direction, focusing on long-term risk mitigation. 

    Office of Student Information Systems

    The Student Information Systems office manages student data and ensures its accessibility for district staff through training, resources, and support. The Student Information Systems team manages data, system procedures and state reporting related to student information including enrollment, demographics, attendance, grades and special programs. 

    The Director of Student Information Systems also oversees the Assessment and Accountability team, helping campus and district staff work towards long-term accountability goals, guide instruction, inform administrative policies, and ensure the district meets formal reporting requirements.  This team also supports all district and state testing requirements by providing information, training and support to campus and district staff.

    Included in this team are Digital Learning Specialists, who support teachers, staff, students, and administration by providing onsite training to facilitate the effective use of technology in the classroom, and by providing staff with current Digital Learning resources to be integrated into their daily lessons.

    In addition, each campus has a Campus Technology Coach (CTC), who collaborates with the Digital Learning Specialists to ensure their campus and staff are fully supported in their ongoing technology initiatives through supplemental training and support, assists with lab and device cart reservation processes and conduct basic support of technology.

    The Digital Learning staff co-teach with classroom educators to ensure the successful implementation of curriculum initiatives. They also confer with campus administration and other technology staff to make recommendations on the purchase of district-supported technology hardware and software, as well as professional development needs for the campus.

    The Digital Learning staff develops instructional videos and documents, face-to-face training, as well as self-paced learning modules to allow for flexible on-demand learning opportunities.

    The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) encompasses all data requested and received by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about public education and includes student demographics, academic performance, personnel, finance, and organizational information. The Boerne ISD PEIMS staff provide PEIMS data to the Texas Education Agency. 

    Each year the PEIMS staff are responsible for submitting district data to the state through various required submissions.  Much of this information and data submitted through PEIMS is used in state and federal accountability calculations and is reported through the Texas Academic Performance Reports. 


    Email BISD HELP or Call (830) 357- HELP (4357)

    Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30AM- 4:00PM  

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