What is the Starlab?

    The Classic StarLab® System is a teaching aid geared toward astronomy. In brief, it is composed of a dome made out of opaque vinyl, and a projector, which displays images on the inside of the dome. The projector produces bright light, which is fully adjustable by the user. The images are produced using StarLab cylinders, which are made out of film. The film used is entirely opaque, except for the portions where the images are. In this way, all the light from the projector is blocked except what is needed to create images. A major advantage of the film is that it affords nearly infinite contrast ratios.

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    StarLab Reservation Process

    If you are a science teacher with Boerne ISD, you are eligible to reserve the StarLab for your learning experience. To accommodate the StarLab you will need a large room with high ceilings that has access to electricity, such as a cafeteria or GYM (to be reserved separately).

    To reserve the STAR Lab you'll need to go through Eduphoria.

    1. Select "Facilities & Events."
    2. Click on "Make a Reservation."
    3. Select "Central Office" and then "Science Lab."
    4. Select your day and time, then you should be able to select "STAR Lab Dome."
    5. In the "reason" section, please include exactly where the StarLab needs to be dropped off (campus and location).

    Please note that the reservation for the campus facility that will be housing the StarLab must be reserved separately from this process. 

    Available Cylinders

    Solar System & Galaxies

    Bird Migration

    Plate Tectonics

    Biological Cell


    Ocean Currents


    Moon Phases

    Transparent Cylinder

    Maya Skies

    Greek Mythology

    Ancient Egyptian Culture

    Lewis & Clark Celestial Navigation

Available STAR Lab Cylinders