Boerne High School will be hosting an in-person Set B Meet the Weekend of February 12th.

    #1 Greyhound Lane

    Boerne, TX 78006

    ⭐ ⭐

    We will have all Academic & Writing Events, All Speech, and LD (No CX).

    We will have Computer Science HANDS ON!  

    We will use ASW for Spelling so have your spellers bring headphones.


    Sign up deadline is February 9th 5pm  



    Academic Contest $10 per entry

    Writing & Journalism $12 per entry

    Speech $15 per entry 

    LD $25 per entry

    Computer Science Hands ON $25 per team (three students per team)

    Judging requirements 1 per 6 for Speech ($75 fee, per judge, if not provided)

    Judging requirements 1 per 3 for LD ($125 fee, per judge, if not provided)


    Drop fees (Applied after 5pm on Feb 9th)

    Academic Contest, Writing & Journalism, lose your entry fee.

    Speech lose your fee + pay additional $5

    LD lose your fee + pay additional $15


    We will have an AWESOME hospitality room and also have 🍔 Lunch Combos for students, at a discounted price if order is given early.  


    If you have any questions email sarah.stone@boerneisd.net


    Tentative Schedule

      Academic Events
    Time Event
    7:00-7:45 Registration/Check-in
    8:00 Number Sense    
      Ready Writing
    8:20 Computer Apps set up
    8:30 Current Events & Issues
    8:35 Computer Apps Test
    9:15 Calculator Apps    
    10:00 Computer Science Set up
      Lit Crit
      Spelling & Vocabulary
    10:15 Computer Science Hands On
    11:45 Social Studies
    12:30 Computer Science Written
    2:00 Math    


    Time Event
    9:15 Journalism Set-up
    9:45 News Writing
    10:45 Feature Writing
    11:45 Editorial Writing
    12:30 Headline Writing
    1:15 Copy Editing


      Speaking Events
    Time Event
    7:45 Extemp draw ROUND 1
    9:45 Prose/Poetry ROUND 1
      LD ROUND 1 (single flight)
    10:45 LD ROUND 2 (single flight)
    11:00 Prose/Poetry ROUND 2
    12:30 LD ROUND 3
    1:00 Extemp draw SEMIS
    2:00 Prose/Poetry FINALS
      LD QUARTERS (may be accelerated)
    3:45 Extemp Finals
    5:00 LD SEMIS (may be accelerated)
    6:00 LD FINALS (may be accelerated)


     There will be a concession stand outside in the court yard,  on the patio of the culinary arts building, depending on weather. We will sale the following items listed below in the concession menu:
           Concession Menu:

             $2.00 breakfast taco ( 8:00- 9:30 or until we are sold out) Homemade by culinary art students
             $1.00 Drinks
             $1.00 Water
             $1-$2 Chips and Snacks
             $4.00 for Hamburgers 
             $6.00 BROWN BAG MEAL DEAL (Hamburger, drink and chips) if ordered at concession on day of meet


    A discounted BROWN BAG MEAL DEAL may be Pre-ordered for $5.50.  The BROWN BAG MEAL DEAL includes hamburger, bag of chips and drink.  Meals will be available for pickup between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm in cafeteria to teams that placed an order prior to meet.

    *Note Teams that have pre-purchase meals for your team, will receive at Registration Desk, a meal coupon for students to redeem for meals in Cafeteria or in the court yard, on the patio of the culinary arts building, a between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.