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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I need help with the online application system. Whom do I call for assistance?

    A: Contact Diane Guerrero @ 830-357-2078 or you may email her at

    Q: I am not sure whether I am highly qualified or certified for the position that is posted. Whom do I call for assistance with my qualifications?

    A: Contact Kate Bernhard, Certification Specialist @ 830-357-2077 or by email at

    Q: I am interested in a particular position. May I contact the administrator in charge of the position to introduce myself?

    A: There are no prohibitions to doing so. However, please do not call the administrator to set up a random interview. If they are interested in you as an applicant, they will contact you for an interview.

    Q: Why does the Boerne ISD handle its hiring procedures this way - meaning why doesn't the HR Department conduct interviews and make the recommendations for hire?

    A: The campus or Central Office administrator is directly responsible for the performance of their hires. Therefore, it is important that they conduct the interviews and make the initial recommendations.

    Q: Will it serve me any purpose to make contact with the Chief Human Resources Officer directly?

    A: No, unless the Chief HR Officer has initiated direct contact with you or has been previously identified as a point of contact with reference to a specific position.

    Q: What kind of training is provided to teachers who are new to the Boerne ISD?

    A: Formal training is provided in August prior to the start of school. A significant and important part of training is provided under the direction of the District's dedicated Teaching & Learning Department. You are prepared in every way to make your transition to the Boerne ISD as smooth and as rewarding as possible.  Ongoing Professional Development opportunities are offered in July and throughout the calendar year.