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Frequently Asked Questions


    As we breeze into the new school year, several questions have been asked about different things in the school cafeteria. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help sail in the lunchroom.

    Q: How do I pay for my child's lunch?

    A: Payment for Meals is accepted at the High Schools and Middle Schools from 8:10-8:35 AM in the cafeteria where your child/children attend school. Payments for Meals at the Elementary Schools are accepted from 7:10-7:35 AM. You may pay with cash or a personal check made payable to the school your child/children attends.

    Q: Can I pay for my child's lunch with a credit card.

    A: Yes, Boerne ISD has a link on the website called Lunch Money Now. You may find the link at http://www.boerneisd.net then click on Departments > Child Nutrition. There you will find the Lunch Money Now link. You may use your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or your PayPal account.

    Note: if you do not have a PayPal account, you do not need to open one to pay on your child’s account. Just hit continue and you will be prompted to another screen that offers your preferred credit card. You will need to know your child’s student ID#, last 4 digits of their Social Security #, and the Date Of Birth that must be entered exactly like this: (ex: 09/17/1999). If you experience difficulties in accessing your child’s account, feel free to call the food service offices at 830-357-2064 or 830-357-2063 and we will be happy to assist you in verifying your child’s file. You may also view your child’s account to see their recent activity. This is a great way to monitor what your child may be spending in the cafeteria. There is no charge to view recent activity.

    Q: What is a la carte'?

    A: A La Carte is a food item that is purchased by itself or separate from the rest of the meal. Our meals are sold as a unit and we offer 5 meal components. This particular meal pattern is called the Traditional Meal Pattern. They are Meat/Meat Alternate, Vegetable, Fruit, Bread, and Milk. Some food items contain as many as 2 1/4 meal components in one serving such as Pizza, which consists of Bread, Meat Alternate, and Vegetable. Our meal service is Offer-Vs-Served. This means a child is given the opportunity to choose 3 of the 5 meal components we offer on the menu. This eliminates plate waste and promotes happy eating because it is something the child chose to eat. When a child only chooses 2 of the five items, they will be charged a separate price for each item or (a La Carte). Our cashiers are trained to encourage a child to take 3 to 5 items so the lunch tray will be charged by the unit and not separate. Other a La Carte charges may include; an extra milk, a bottled water, an extra serving of fruit or vegetable, an extra entrée, or extra dinner roll or other items listed in our a La Carte list. Children may use their meal account or pay cash, but will not be allowed to charge these items. Parents that do not wish their child to purchase extras can request a flag put on their child’s meal account to prevent them from these purchases. Please call our offices at 830-357-2064 or 830-357-2063 if you would like to flag your child’s account regarding A La Carte purchases.

    Q: Why do adult meals cost more than a child's meal?

    A: The benefits of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs are for children only. The reimbursement and commodities received by schools are based on the number of lunches and breakfasts served to students. No reimbursement or commodities are provided for meals served to adults. The breakfasts and lunches served to adults must be priced so that the adult payment is sufficient of cover the overall cost of the lunch, including the value of any USDA entitlement and bonus commodities used to prepare the meal.

    Q: Do you have nutritional information for the lunch menus?

    A: Nutritional Information is available upon request. Each year, our grocery supplier may change and the products may change. This also changes the nutrition information or nutrition facts. We must gather all of the new data for the New Year. If you have specific nutrition fact questions, please feel free to call our offices at 830-357-2064 or 830-357-2063. Our lunch menus are planned to meet the 1/3 Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of nutrients and vitamins required. We use only the quality foods to insure our meals are well below the 30% Fat Content. We are using whole grains, turkey (a low fat meat), whole grain pastas, and reduced fat cheeses in our recipes. We are required to follow the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy that was mandated in August of 2004. You may view this policy at www.squaremeals.org.