SHAC Committees

  • The Boerne ISD School Health Advisory Council committees are based on the eight interactive health-related components of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coordinated School Health Program

    Promoting, practicing, and coordinating school health education and services within these eight priority areas can improve student academic performance, promote the establishment and reinforcement of healthy behaviors, and benefit the entire school community.

    The work of the SHAC is carried out by its committees. These committees may include:

    • Health Education Committee
    • Family and Community Involvement Committee
    • Health Services Committee
    • Social-Emotional Wellness Committee
    • Staff Wellness Committee
    • Healthy and Safe School Environment Committee
    • Nutrition Committee
    • Physical Education/Physical Activity Committee



PE/PA Committee

  • Goal:

    To analyze the current high school physical education courses and to investigate options from neighboring districtd PE equipment.s in order to more appropriately align our secondary schools with the School Board of Education TEKS-based objectives. Establishing a curriculum for the secondary schools can support the justification for a budget to purchase needed PE equipment.

    What is Boerne ISD doing to improve student fitness?
    The committee collated a list of ideas for teachers to encourage increased movement in the classroom.

    How can I help my school?
    Become informed about what physical education and activity programs are available in your student's school. Join PTO. Form a Campus-level SHAC/Wellness Team.  Use the National Association for Sport & Physical Education checklist to assess your school's PE and activity program. Work with your principal, school staff, parents, and community to support physical education and activity in your school. There are many free resources to help you.

    Parents may request in writing their child's physical fitness assessment (currently FitnessGram®) results at the end of the school year.

Nutrition Committee

  • Goal: 
    The goal of the Boerne ISD Nutrition Committee is to collaborate with food service, school staff, parents, students, and community organizations to provide a healthy nutrition environment in Boerne schools, thereby promoting student's health and academic success.

    How can I help my school?
    Join PTO. Have your school become a member of Team Nutrition and form a Campus-level SHAC/ Wellness Team by using the USDA's "Getting It Started and Keeping It Going" guide. Work with your principal, school staff, parents and community to support nutrition education and promote a healthy nutrition environment at your school.