Place 1 - Carlin Friar

  • President Carlin
    Term: 2018-2021

    Board Committees: Finance, Safety and Security, Legislative

    Mr. Carlin Friar holds the position of Boerne Independent School District Board Member for Place 1.

    Mr. Friar is in his 4th year as a BISD Board Trustee.

    After graduating from Boerne High School, Mr. Friar received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

    He and his wife Susan have triplets, Blake, Grant and Chloe who are attending Champion High School.

    When asked why he joined the BISD School Board he said, “As a Boerne High School graduate, I was provided a fantastic education.” Mr. Friar added, “I’m a lifelong resident of the immediate area and want to provide perspective and leadership to the District so that my kids have the same great opportunity to have a public education that I received.”

    In his spare time, he enjoys traveling in his RV with his family hunting and fishing whenever possible.

Place 2 - Joe Tidwell

  • Joe Tidwell

    Term: 2018-2021

    Board Committees: Technology, and Budget

    Mr. Joe Tidwell is a member of the Boerne High School Class of 1995. His children currently attend Boerne schools.

    He graduated from Texas A&M University and holds a doctorate in Cognitive and Neural Systems from the University of Maryland.

    Mr. Tidwell is in the data science industry.

    "As the district has grown, we have been able to provide many more opportunities both inside and outside the classroom than existed when I was a student here; however, the flip side of that growth is that we have to be careful to maintain the high standards and character of our district. We have a great opportunity to make BISD even better than it is today, but we must also focus on maintaining what made it great in the first place."

Place 3 - Alan Rich

  • Alan Rich

    Place 3

    Term: 2018-2021

    Board Committees: Finance, and Budget

    Mr. Alan Rich holds the position of board member for Place 3 for Boerne Independent School District. Mr. Rich is the longest serving member with 12 years of experience as a board trustee. After graduating from Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Mr. Rich received a Bachelor of Science from Abilene Christian University and works as a Certified Public Accountant.

    He and his wife of 33 years, Janice, have two children. His daughter graduated from Champion High School, and his son is currently a sophomore at Champion High School.

    When asked why he joined the BISD School Board he said, “I have always enjoyed using my skills and experience to help others.” Mr. Rich added, “I served on a private Christian school board for 12 years and was asked to run for the BISD school board by Danny Buck who previously was in my place.”

    In his spare time, he enjoys reading, canoeing, kayaking and playing 42. Some interesting facts about Mr. Rich are that he is an Eagle Scout, rides a unicycle and enjoys public speaking.

Place 4 - Maritza Gonzalez-Cooper

  • Gonzalez-Cooper Vice President 
    Term: 2016-2019

    Board Committees: Safety & Security, Curriculum, and Budget

    Mrs. Gonzalez-Cooper's children graduated from or currently attend Boerne ISD schools. She was a Biology major at The University of Texas-San Antonio. Currently, she is the owner/director of Artworks Art Studio.

    "As a parent, I believe every child deserves the opportunity to receive an excellent education in a safe learning environment. I wish to support Boerne ISD and the community by continuing the positive relationship which has been built."

Place 5 - David Spencer

  • David Spencer Place 5
    Term: 2019-2022

    Board Committees: Technology, and Budget

    Mr.  David Spencer holds the position of board member for Place 5 for Boerne Independent School District.

    He received a Bachelor of Arts in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UT Austin in 1988 and also went on to complete the United States Air Command and Staff College in 1995.

    Mr. Spencer owns his own medical device company, Prytime Medical Devices, located in Boerne.

    He and his wife are the parents of four sons. One at BMSN, one at Boerne High, and 2 who graduated from Boerne and now attend Texas Tech. 

    “Quality communities have quality public schools, which are a bedrock of our great country. I believe every child deserves a chance at a quality education.” 


Place 6 - Donna Sharp

  • Sharp Secretary
    Term: 2017-2020

    Board Committees: Curriculum, and Safety & Security

    Mrs. Sharp has served BISD as a PTO president, Boerne Education Foundation board member and president, and Board of Trustees president. All three of her children have graduated from or currently attend Boerne ISD schools.

    Mrs. Sharp graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio and works for the Kendall County Criminal District Attorney's office.

    "I believe a high-quality education is key to an individual's future opportunities and an educated society can make the world a better place. BISD knows how imperative it is to provide its students with many opportunities to learn and help them become self-aware critical thinkers and lifelong learners."

Place 7 - Rich Sena

  • Sena Place 7
    Term: 2017-2020

    Board Committees: Legislative, and Curriculum

    Mr. Rich Sena holds the position of board member for Place 7 for Boerne Independent School District.

     Mr. Sena is in his 4th year as a BISD Board Trustee.

     After graduating from Pelham Memorial High School in New York, Mr. Sena received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from Colgate University.

    Mr. Sena owns his own insurance agency and has two children. His daughter is a 4th-grade teacher at NEISD's Adams Elementary, and his son is a sales associate at Ken Batchelor Cadillac. Both of his children were educated in Boerne ISD for all 13 years of elementary and secondary education. 

    When asked why he joined the BISD School Board he said, “Providing a strong education for our children is the most important thing a community can do. I want future generations of Boerne ISD students to have the same excellent experience that my children had.” Mr. Sena added, “I want to use my God-given skills to help plan for a prosperous and beneficial future for our students. 

    In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and studying public policy. 

    Mr. Sena’s favorite quote on education is “Climb High, Climb Far, Your Goal the Sky, Your Aim the Star”.

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