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  • When inclement weather is a possibility, Boerne ISD officials monitor weather conditions during the overnight and early morning hours. The district takes several factors into consideration before making a decision to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early due to inclement weather. Chief among these considerations is the health and safety of our students and staff. School days missed must be made up on the bad weather make up days designated on the school calendar.

    Cancellations, Delays, and Early Releases: How Decisions are Made

    When inclement weather threatens normal school operations, the following steps are taken:

    1. The district's Director of Transportation leads a team that evaluates the roadways and travel conditions across the district. Note: Topography in the district is such that one area can seem relatively unaffected by weather change whereas another area can experience extremely treacherous conditions that significantly compromise transportation safety.
    2. The Superintendent consults with BISD transportation staff and has access to information from emergency management officials, meteorologists, the highway department, and sheriff's department.
    3. After taking into account all the information that is received from internal and external sources, the Superintendent will make a decision as early as possible whether to delay or cancel school.


    The Communication Process: What Happens Next

    When a decision is made to cancel school, delay school, or dismiss school early, the district will notify parents using the mass notification system to email alert, and the Boerne ISD website will be updated as quickly as possible. Information about school closures, delays, or early dismissal also will be communicated through the following media, including but not limited to:

    Because of the uncertainty of weather conditions, we ask parents and staff to monitor email, the Boerne ISD website, social media and local media before heading to school or sending children to the bus stop. Note: no weather announcement from Boerne ISD means classes will be held on a normal schedule.