• Homework



    1. Practice Skills: Students need lots of practice when they're learning new skills. 

    2. Review Content: Repeated exposure to new material solidifies connections.

    3. Gain Independence: Students become more confident when they can take responsibility for independent review.



    Homework assignments are to review material already covered in class. For the most part, students should be able to complete homework assignments independently. On average, a 4th grader should spend approximately 40 minutes per day (Mon.-Thurs.) on basic homework. Make-up work from absences or unfinished classwork may add time occasionally. Grading of regular homework assignments may vary: some may be graded, checked together, or ungraded, depending on purpose of the assignment.

    Parents are encouraged to check over students' homework and even provide feedback if needed. You may need to remind students to review instructional resources provided by the teacher. You may share your own experiences or "tricks" you've learned to help remember concepts or steps. However, please do not complete or correct your child's assignments FOR them. It's normal for your child to struggle a little while working to master new material. If your child continues to consistently struggle or regularly takes longer than an hour per evening, please contact the teacher to work together to ensure appropriate progress.

    Every effort should be made to complete work by the due date. Since adequate practice with foundation skills is necessary for advancing to more complex levels, late work hinders a student's progress.




    Reading Log:

    Students are expected to read outside of class a minimum of 20 minutes daily and to keep track on the reading log to turn in weekly. When students reach their reading goal each month October through March, they earn a certificate for a free Pizza Hut personal pizza.


    Spelling words are introduced and spelling patterns are taught in class. Students are expected to practice spelling words outside of class to use them correctly in writing and to be able to spell them correctly on weekly quizzes. While some specific practice exercises may be assigned, students may need additional practice, using self-selected activities, to thoroughly learn the spelling words and patterns.


    Elements of written composition are taught and practiced in class. Students may need additional time outside of class to work on or finish incomplete written assignments.

    Special Projects:

    Additional non-routine homework projects will be assigned occasionally. The teacher may adjust or suspend parts of routine homework to accommodate time for special projects.