• Organization - Because of the Fine Arts program’s specialized characteristics, it is organized under two distinct chains of command. The Home campus chain of command and the District chain of command are separate but complementary systems.  

    The below groupings are provided to give a general idea of how the system operates. The key to our success has come from a spirit of cooperation with all administration to support our teachers and students together. *There are areas of overlapping interest and responsibility.

    Home Campus - The home campus principal is the teacher’s primary supervisor, even though assistant directors report to head directors on a day-to-day basis. The following areas/items are primarily within the principal’s jurisdiction:

    • Lesson Plans & Grade Books, Grading
    • Primary appraiser (T-TESS)
    • Activity or Sundry funds
    • Building/room keys
    • District/State required trainings
    • PTA activities
    • *Student field trips
    • *Class scheduling
    • *Extra duty assignments (non-stipend)
    • *Fund raising
    • *Parent conferences, Student discipline
    • *Work orders (repairs – routine and emergency)

    District - “District” authority refers to the specialized chain of command within the Fine Arts Department itself. The Coordinator of Fine Arts is primarily responsible for:

    • Monitor the quality and implementation of all fine arts programs, and make recommendations for adjustments as needed.
    • Plan, coordinate and conduct district-wide events and activities related to the Fine Arts.
    • Coordinate, plan and conduct staff development and in-service in assigned subject matter field on district PD days.
    • Solicit and develop and maintain partnerships with the Fine Arts Community in Boerne.
    • Fine Arts Budgets – Prioritize needs & planning for growth.
    • *Curriculum, Coordination & Development
    • *District Master Scheduling
    • *District & Out of District Travel
    • *Teaching Assignments
    • *Extra assignments (stipend per contract)
    • *UIL Requirements
    • *Inventory & Fixed Assets
    • *Booster Clubs