• Our literacy philosophy is to cultivate and deepen the purpose of reading and writing by creating a community of lifelong readers and writers.

    BISD recognizes the importance of developing proficient readers and writers in the early years. Literacy instruction includes the following components: teacher read aloud, shared reading, word study activities, guided reading, strategy groups, independent reading, modeled writing, shared writing, and independent writing.

    As students become critical readers and writers, metacognitive strategies (process fluency standards) are embedded and taught to allow for comprehension at increasing complex levels. Students will have opportunities to: formulate the purpose of reading, ask and respond to questions, monitor and adjust comprehension, make inferences, summarize information, and to make connections to personal experiences.

    The expectation for students to acquire a repertoire of fluent literacy strategies will integrate the development of background knowledge, vocabulary, oral language skills, and the connections made between reading and writing.

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  • Daphne Morris, M.Ed. 

    K-5 ELAR Coordinator

    (830) 357-2041