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  • Overview and Guiding Principles

    Our literacy philosophy is to cultivate and deepen the purpose of reading and writing by creating a community of lifelong readers and writers.

    Guiding Principles of Boerne ISD Literacy Instruction

    Literacy instruction is developed around the following guiding principles to ensure a balanced and structured approach: 

    • Follows the Science of Teaching reading in that all children benefit from explicit, systematic reading instruction using the five essential components of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension
    • Emphasizes the stages of the writing process
    • Creates a comprehensive and collaborative approach to support all students including those needing greater support 
    • Delivers whole class instruction and small group instruction (guided reading/flexible groups) with systematic attention to individuals through modeling and authentic rich text examples
    • Incorporates instructional best practices and provides explicit skills instruction in purposeful and meaningful learning to include the use of technology
    • Uses systematic assessment, including ways to examine individual student progress within the group and to determine their level of need (e.g., benchmarking and running records).

    As students become critical readers and writers, metacognitive strategies (process fluency standards) are embedded and taught to allow for comprehension at increasing complex levels. Students will have opportunities to: formulate the purpose of reading, ask and respond to questions, monitor and adjust comprehension, make inferences, summarize information, and to make connections to personal experiences.

    The expectation for students to acquire a repertoire of fluent literacy strategies will integrate the development of background knowledge, vocabulary, oral language skills, and the connections made between reading and writing.

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  • Marshay Wolff 

    K-5 ELAR Coordinator

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  • Reading at Home Resources

    Reading is not solely reserved for the classroom or school year; lifelong learning stems from becoming a lifelong reader. Students need time to enjoy uninterrupted reading allowing them to absorb and contemplate ideas from their reading experiences. Independent reading gives students a strong foundation to build upon as they move through the English Language Arts program. Independent reading during school breaks is important for students to continue to hone their literacy skills.


    Our BISD librarians have created a collection of suggested titles for students to consider.

    BISD Elementary Collection


    Below are some additional suggestions from various resources such as the Texas Education Agency, Texas Library Association, and the International Literacy Association. 

    Parents should work with their children to choose appropriate books.  This resource from Scholastic can help parents with selecting books that are just right for their children: "Help Kids to P.I.C.K. the right books."


    Boerne Public Library

    Texas Library Association Reading Lists

    International Literacy Association

    Texas STAAR Report Card Recommended Reading Lists