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    Transportation Policy & Field Trips – Anytime you take your students off campus, for any reason, you must receive approval from your campus administrator.  
    Procedures for Transportation & Field Trips – All Trips must have prior approval from your principal before you can schedule transportation.

    • First step– Principal signature (campus form).
    • Second Step– Parents sign and return the Parent Permission Form to go on the trip (campus form).
      • There are exceptions for some secondary groups – for multiple trips examples (football games etc.)
    • Third step– Sercure Transportation - Send your Field Trip Request Form signed by your principal and a budget code to Transportation.
      • Do not assume the trip is scheduled, call transportation to confirm at least 3-5 days before the trip.

    Reserving district vehicle - If you need to reserve a district vehicle (van) you will need to contact the appropriate department to check for availability.  Please do not use toll roads.  If you use toll roads you are responsible for paying these fees and the District is not to be billed.

    Travel Releases – Under certain circumstances or exceptional situations, students may be excused from riding either to or from an event on school authorized transportation.

    • Parents must make prior arrangements with the director in advance of the trip by completing the approved travel release form on or before the day of the trip. The director may deny permission and must communicate this directly to the parents.
    • The students will be released to the parent(s) (designated adult) by the director upon presentation of a copy of the approved travel release at the event.
    • In no cases will a student be allowed to ride home with a student or another parent.

    Procedures Relative to the Use of School Buses
    Bus Guidelines

    • Emergency Medical Formsmust be taken on all trips for each student or your Student Field Trip Form.
    • The director will assume all responsibility for conduct and discipline on the bus and will cooperate with the driver who has the ultimate responsibility.
    • Only assigned and district approved personnel may ride on school transportation.
    • Report any incidents involving students to your principal and/or Mr. Peach as soon as it happens day or night.  Do not wait until the next day – call Mr. Peach’s cell.
    • All students shall return home on the same bus or vehicles in which they traveled to the event. The only exception would be if they have secured a travel release, signed by the parent(s).