• Activity or Sundry Funds:  Each campus can operate an activity fund (operates in partnership with your Principal), the use of which is governed by TEA and BISD policy, and campus policy. Fine Arts sponsors are expected to manage Sundry fund accounts in a manner that adheres to established policy and accounting procedures.  Monies collected from students must be properly receipted and safeguarded. Regular deposits should be made to the school bookkeeper. At no time should cash or checks be left in filing cabinets, desks, given to parents to hold or taken to your cars.

    Items or services purchased with Sundry fund monies are to directly benefit the students that the program serves.

    Audit of your Sundry Accounts – It is your responsibility to keep good records of funds you have received. Computer generated lists or hand written ledger sheets are acceptable, provided all pertinent information is furnished (date, name, number of items sold, amount paid and method of payment).  Your receipt records should match your deposits when collecting money from students and you should be able to show this if you are audited by the district or state.