• Fine Arts District Improvement Plan / General Recommendations on Program Needs & Master Scheduling  - This should be clarified by our fine arts teams traditionally around January/February in planning for program expansion / equipment / growth /updates and needs for the up-coming school year.  This type of information will be linked to our Fine Arts Comprehensive Equipment Replacement Cycle.   Mr. Peach will schedule meetings will all principals and administrators to make the Recommendations.  Constant communication from our fine arts teachers with Mr. Peach and your administration is critical.

    Above Budget Allocation as outlined & prioritized in our plan – We will be given an opportunity to request non-consumable or capital outlay items prioritized in the Fine Arts District Improvement Plan generally as early as March for the following school year.  Above Budget Items are generally one-time items needed for your program to continue.

    BISD programs work on a Zero Based Above Budget Allocation, thus all requests are presented to upper administration for approval.  Mr. Peach coordinates with the district to present these proposals to upper administration for Fine Arts.  This is a needs list, not a want and upgrade list. This list should work in conjunction with your long-range planning and projections (generally your 3 to 5 year curriculum growth plans).

    Fine Arts Comprehensive Equipment Replacement Cycle - Estimated yearly costs for Capital Equipment Purchases calculated over the next 12 years.