• Inventory Procedures – Certain inventory items for all campuses are to be maintained through our programs.

    • School owned musical instruments,
      • Serial number, brand, year it was purchased and cost, location in district and student assignment.
    • School uniforms and (marching uniforms, tuxedos, mariachi, dance, drill team etc.)
      • Identifiable number, brand, year it was purchased and cost
    • School equipment at a value of $500 or more
      • Serial number, type or brand, year it was purchased and cost

    The lists will be kept in CHARMS or kept in an excel spreadsheet.  Please include electronic, sound, and recording equipment in addition to all musical instruments (acoustic or electronic, wind, string or percussion).  When taking inventory of uniforms, just list the manufactures and numbers of uniforms on your inventory.  Sizes need not be entered. Our option to use the CHARMS uniform label is recommended.

    Receiving New Equipment/Removing Old Equipment – Anytime you receive new equipment it must be immediately added to your inventory if it meets the criteria above.  All property no longer of use to the District will be sent to the warehouse for storage and disposal. Mr. Peach must remove inventory items from District inventory reports prior to disposal. Under no circumstances can campuses or departments just dispose of any school or district property. Items must be sent to the warehouse where they can properly be disposed of or go to a public auction. Contact the Coodinator of Fine Arts if you need to remove equipment from your inventory.

    Loaning Equipment (instruments) – think of our equipment as district wide – If you loan equipment to a teacher on another campus you must go into the CHARMS inventory software (or your excel spreadsheet) and indicate the loan of equipment in the appropriate column.  When you loan a district-owned piece of equipment to a student, you must indicate the name of the student it was loaned to, plus the date it was loaned and the date it was returned. It is also required that you have the student and their parent sign a form which states that they accept responsibility for that piece of equipment while in their possession. That form must be designed/created by the program and be clearly detailed in your department handbook.

    Instrument Rental – School owned instruments – Boerne ISD provides a limited number of instruments for students to rent during the school year; however, it is strongly suggested that each student purchase their own instrument. It is assumed that students shall purchase or rent their own musical instruments whenever possible. Where the school district does not have enough instruments available to meet the demand, band and orchestra directors shall assign them based on the needs of the music program.  The directors have the responsibility of keeping track of the list of students using district-owned musical instruments in your CHARMS accounts.

    A payment plan for the family can be used as long as the director keeps up with payments and all is paid by a reasonable time.

    No district funds for repairs should be used until the rental monies are used for repair of school owned instruments through your Sundry Account.  Directors must show that funds are being collected for each and every school owned instrument.  Any exceptions for students not paying the full amounts (waiver, handbook exceptions) for rental must be noted in your records (CHARMS accounts).

    Missing/Stolen Equipment – The campus/department is responsible for documenting and contacting your principal and our district police when an item is stolen, damaged or vandalized.  A police report must be completed for all items reported stolen from school property.  If, after one calendar year, the equipment does not return to the building it will then be deleted from all inventories and will be considered a loss.  The Coodinator of Fine Arts along with the Business Office will determine if an insurance claim can be filed through the school district. Replacement of a lost item is the responsibility of the campus/department to replace.

    Annual Physical Inventory/Survey of existing equipment – Every 3 to 5 years Mr. Peach will conduct an Annual Physical Inventory with all fine arts departments. We will undergo a physical inventory of all equipment listed on your databases (CHARMS or excel) and inspect the storage rooms and such of any equipment owned by the school district.  A date and time will be scheduled for this inventory by the Fine Arts office.