• Fund Raising – Fund raising projects involving Fine Arts students must have the campus principal’s approval in place before anything else.  All Fund Raising should be scheduled in our Fine Arts Outlook Calendar (internal calendar for us) when approved by principal.  All fundraisers are subject to district purchasing and accounting guidelines.  Monies received must be receipted and deposited regularly according to district policy.

    Some “do’s and don’ts”:

    • Do insist on receipts from the school bookkeeper.
    • Do keep accurate records and go back and check the bookkeeper put your funds in the correct account.
    • Don’t leave cash or checks unattended.
    • Don’t begin until you have identified needs and goals and know your time-line for the Fund Raiser.
    • Don’t use class time except when absolutely necessary.
    • Do secure district-approved parent volunteers to assist with the process.
    • Do make daily deposits.

    At any time, an internal auditor can review your BISD activity accounts.  With this in mind, the director in charge (Head Director with multiple directors on a campus) will need to keep documentation that will support the following:

    • Deposits for fund raising are made on a timely and regular basis.
    • Fund raising deposits should consist of cash and checks.
    • In general, checks should not have been written more than two weeks prior to deposit.
    • Fund raising should yield a reasonable profit. Most professional fund raising vendors indicate that the organization should realize approximately 35% profit.
    • Receipts shall be issued to students who make deposits.