• Algebra I and Algebraic Reasoning will cover topics associated with, but not limited to, linear, quadratic, and exponential equations. This may include finding domain, range, slope, x- and y-intercepts, roots, and writing equations.  Problems may be of real-world topics.


    Geometry students will use a web-based curriculum called OdysseyWare.  Students have access through their Google Classroom to work on lessons at home, as well as in class.


    Students should always have pencils, paper, and their folder for class.


    To create the best learning environment for all students, please remember to:


       * Remember social distancing


       * Respect Others - their person, their belongings, their space, their difference, their right to learn.

       * Always do your best.  It is okay not to know, but it is not okay not to try.


    ! Cell phones will not be used in class.  If you need to contact your child for an emergency, please call the office (830) 357-2606.  They will get a message to your child.