• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! One of our goals for this school year is to develop our abilities as readers and writers through the study of literature, composition, and vocabulary.  In fact, this Contract is one of your first reading and writing assignments. As a class, we will strive to become a community of readers and writers. You will be challenged to use higher level thinking skills, to make connections to the world around you, and to take a critical look at visual media, music, art, and literature. As you grow in your academic pursuits this year, I hope that you will find English interesting and relative to you and your experiences in life.

    I follow a philosophy of personal responsibility. By this, I mean that I expect everyone (myself included) to take responsibility for learning. As a teacher, I am responsible for providing a caring, positive, and productive learning environment; to plan and organize my lessons appropriately; to provide purposeful instruction, and to be respectful and professional in my manners and actions. What I cannot do is force anyone to learn. This is the choice and responsibility of you, the student. I encourage each of you to challenge yourself to achieve by setting your expectations high. For some of you, this may be reached through a series of small successes. For others, larger goals may be sought. Regardless, I am committed to making every effort to provide avenues to help you find meaning in your learning.

    As parents, I hope you will encourage and develop your child’s interest in learning. I invite you to participate actively in the process by allowing your child to share his/her experiences with you. Ask questions about my instruction and assignments. Provide help when needed, yet allow independent completion of his/her own work. Contact me with concerns. Provide constructive feedback that may help me develop as a teacher. Read the same reading assignments (even if you have read it before). Praise his/her accomplishments and create even higher expectations.


    • Be Respectful
    • Be On Time
    • Be in Line with School Policies
    • Be an Active Learner