• Campus Teacher and Program Webpages

    Each teacher has a Teacher Page located on each campus website. On your teacher page please work on the following template:

    • Welcome note and/or Bio with headshot
    • Program Description or Mission Statement and Class schedule.
    • Contact information (email / phone) & Conference Times.
    • Syllabus, Handbook, Constitution or Elementary Class Schedule.
      • Something generic that lasts the full year may be used or Fall and Spring. 
    • Anything else your principal requires.

    Program Pages

    In addition, some teachers might opt to add links to an outside program pages on your teacher page.  Outside of district pages are acceptable at this time.  Please keep in mind, you (the teacher) are responsible for all content related to your program page.  In the near future, you may asked to move this over to the district site, but for now outside pages are acceptable.

    Special Note - campus fine arts programs should not be listed under Clubs or Extra-Curricular.  We are CORE or ENRICHMENT, and are REQUIRED by the state, we have TEKS.  We have some Extra-Curricular components in our classes, but that does not define the full program.  Exception would be of course, if you created a Club that goes with your program...then list that Club under Clubs on your website.