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  • Question: How do I clear my browsing history/cache; aka "cookies"?


    • Start by using the "Hotkeys" function while using the Chrome web browser.
    • Press 'Ctrl + Shift + Del' keys on your keyboard. This will bring up the Chrome clear browsing history dialog box. Change the time frame to the last 7 days/week. (You may also select the last 4 weeks to clear up more data.)
    • Click clear data.
    • Restart your web browser (close all open web windows)

         Here is a How2 .pdf if you wish to see a step by step with images.


    Question: (PARENTS) Not able to see your student's grades, or attendance in Skyward? 


    Contact the campus registrar. They will be able to verify your identity and check your account. You could have one or more accounts associated with your name or your student may not be linked with your family access.


    Qusestion: (PARENTS) Have the wrong contact information on Family Access for your student?


    Contact the campus registrar to make any type of corrections/changes on your student’s profile. They will be able to verify current information and make any changes.


    Login to Skyward Family Access, click on the tile "Update Family Information."



    Question: (PARENTS/STUDENTS) Help with logging in to Skyward Family Access?


    • Double-check you are entering the correct username.
    • Parents may visit or email the campus registrar to get students username.
    • Students, your teachers can view your usernames.
    • Students are not able to reset passwords. Your username is not your email address. Your teacher can contact the Helpdesk for troubleshooting your Skyward Login.
    • Parents can reset their password by clicking on "Forgot my Password Link" to receive an email with instructions.


    Question: If you are a Teacher in the district and not able to create a Google Classroom?


    Double-check you are entering the correct username. Contact your campus digital learning specialist for assistance on getting your account corrected it is possible it got listed as a student account instead.


    Question: What should I do if I see a yellow caution/exclamation point next to my name in Microsoft Office?


    • Click on the “File” tab in the upper left corner of the window.
    • Click on “Account” in the menu to the left. You will notice a Fix Me” button under the “User Information” area.
    • Click on the “Fix Me” button will prompt you to sign in.
    • Use your username and password to sign in, then close the program and reopen it. You should no longer see the yellow symbol next to your name.


    Question: Outlook pop-up keeps asking for password?


    After resetting your password, you will notice that Outlook will pop up a window that will ask you to enter your password. Clear out the email field and re-type your email with the ( - ) between boerne and isd. (@boerne-isd.net). Then enter your password, click the box to remember your info, and “Ok”. The pop up should not reappear again. (note it might do so a couple of times; if so “log off” your computer and then “log back in”.) Then repeat the steps above.


    Question: How do I order technology for my campus/department?


    There is two ways to order technology hardware or software. Enter a work order in SchoolDude-Helpdesk. (be sure to select "Procurements" as the work type) or email Jeremiah or Alicia in the Technology Service Department. Do not forget to look on our current technology quotes page for commonly purchased items.

    When asking for Technology equipment:

    • Please be as descriptive as possible on what you would like to purchase. (include links if applicable) 
    • If your items are approved by your campus/department we will request a quote from our current vendors and send it to you. Once you receive the quote please give it to your bookkeeper or administrative staff at our campus/department.
    • Items will be ordered once a PO is created by the technology services department. If you enter a PO yourself, you MUST submit a copy of the PO to the technology service department. Otherwise, you will run the risk of your item(s) not getting delivered to your campus in a timely matter.


    Question: How to I add/print to a printer at my campus/department?


    Please refer to this document for step-by-step instructions on how to set up to print to a printer at your campus: Printer setup instructions