• Solicitations

    Boerne ISD does not allow direct internal solicitations of its employees.  For example, you may not request the opportunity to meet with the employees as a group for the purpose of selling a product or service.  You may not ask that materials you provide about a product or service be distributed internally to BISD employees. Specifically, and not by way of limitation, solicitation by 403b vendors is strictly prohibited, regardless of method.

    When contacting our employees individually by e-mail, we caution you to properly disclose that your e-mail is a solicitation.  You may not represent in an express or implied manner that your solicitation is endorsed or approved by Boerne ISD or any of its departments.  Boerne ISD reserves the right to block your computer addresses from our system if you do not comply with these policies.

    If you have written information which you feel would be of interest to Boerne ISD or its employees, you may direct it to the attention of the Public Information Officer, 235 Johns Road, Boerne, Texas 78006.  If you wish to follow up on the information, you must do so in writing. Due to the large volume of solicitations, the written information that you submit may or may not be reviewed. There is no legal obligation on the part of Boerne ISD to review and accept any solicitation.

    For information on any bidding process please contact Purchasing in our business office.  For information on how to request public information about Boerne ISD please access the Public Information link that appears under the category of District Information on this website.