• ART 1

    Art 1 is an introductory course that familiarizes students with various mediums and techniques while focusing on the elements and the principles of art.  Students explore a variety of art methods that will include drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.  

    • Semester Course        
    • Grade Placement: 6, 7, and 8  
    • Special Note:  Student $20 lab fee for materials.   

    ART 2

    Art 2 is designed for students who wish to expand their art experience and who seek a greater artistic challenge.  Art 2 students complete work in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and more.  The course emphasizes artistic composition, knowledge of Art elements and principles, and technical discipline.

    • Placement:  7 and 8     
    • Prerequisite:  Art 1
    • Special Note:  Student $20 lab fee for materials.    

    ART 3

    Art 3 expands concepts and skills acquired in previous courses and includes portfolio development and evaluation, study of Art History and the Arts in contemporary society, Art media and contemporary exhibition opportunities, and the use of art-making process for design solutions and problem-solving.

    • Full Year Course         
    • Grade Placement:  8                       
    • Prerequisite:  Art 2 or Teacher Recommendation
    • Special Note:  Student $20 lab fee for materials.   

    Individual Art Supplies Needed for All Middle School Students: 

    • Sketchbook, any size
    • Drawing pencils (H, HB, B, 6B)
    • Drawing erasers (gum eraser, kneaded eraser, vinyl eraser)
    • Tortillon blending stump
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Sharpie, black, fine point
    • Sharpie, black, extra fine point
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Aluminum ruler, 12”
    • $20 fee (stated in course catalog for Middle School)