To the extent that they will benefit, eligible special education students are included with their age-appropriate peers in regular schools. Many programs are available to these students. Both general education and special education teaching staff have received extensive training in making accommodations, adaptations, and modificaitons, for learning differences.



    Accelerated Multisensory Studies is a comprehensive blended literacy course that offers instruction in a small class setting.  Instructional approaches include:  explicit, direct instruction that is systematic, sequential, and cumulative; intensive, meaning-based instruction that is directed toward purposeful reading, spelling, and writing; multisensory instruction that addresses sensory pathways; and, technology-based design to maximize the development of literacy fundamentals and student engagement. This elective course supports identified students with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia that require multisensory reading, spelling, and writing instruction.  Components of instruction are described in the Dyslexia Handbook, revised 2014, by the Texas Education Agency.  Teachers who provide the appropriate instruction for students with dyslexia are trained in the components as specified by 19 TAC §74.28. 

    Full Year Course

    Grade Placement: 6-8           

    Placement by Dyslexia Committee of Knowledgeable People, ARD, or §504 Committee.