• Welcome to the Curington Elementary Student Council!

    Student council is a service organization that helps create and put into ACTION special projects and events that directly improve our school and community.  We will also support community events, such as food drives, garden days, etc.

    Student Council Representatives -- Expectations

    Attend ALL mandatory Student Council meetings.  Meetings occur once per month on the 1st Thursday of every month from 7:05-7:35am in the music room.

    In meetings, discuss service projects, school and community, with respect to others ideas and opinions.

    Vote appropriately on all items pertaining to Student Council.

    Report all Student Council decisions to your homeroom class AND your buddy class.

    Gather ideas and concerns from your homeroom class, and bring this information to meetings.

    Find a replacement/alternate student to represent you if you cannot attend a monthly meeting.

    Participate and help with Student Council projects and events throughout the school year.

    Serve your school and community with a willing and cooperative spirit.

    Follow all school rules, teacher directions/instructions, and maintain good citizenship.

    Homeroom teachers must approve all student council representatives.

    Represent yourself and your community in a positive manner.


    Events to Attend this Year:


    Veterans’ Day

    Gather class letters and buddy class letters and assist in putting them in bags for Veterans.

    Meet and greet Veterans in the library on the morning of Veterans’ Day. Escort Veterans to the gym.


    Assist in taking drinks to the designated area during the WEEK of WAT. (not on day of WAT)

    BISD School Board meeting – Pledge of Allegiance – Officers only

    2 Service Projects (voted on by CES Student Council Representatives 2017-18)



    INCLUDING poster-making (advertising) sessions and follow-up/delivery

    End of Year Student Council Celebration J