KBSN Broadcasting

  • Who Can Join?

    Broadcasting is made up of mostly 8th grade, and some 7th grade students.  Any student interested will need to apply in May, for the upcoming school year. We are a team of news anchors, sound board operators, telepromters, journalists, writers, and energetic, outgoing, creative students!  This is an application only process, and previous experience is a MUST!   


    When do we meet?

    We meet during study hall.


    Sponsor:  Christine Grossenbacher

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    Meet Our Broadcasting Team!

    • Mia Farias - 8th: Journalists & Media Specialists
    • Reagan Burkey - 8th: Journalist
    • Sam Weltens - 8th: Journalists
    • Nicolas Parra - 8th: Journalists, Tricaster
    • Addison Ehresman - 8th: Journalists
    • Bralyn Gault - 8th: Journalists, Anchor
    • Abbie Partlow - 8th
    • Raylynn Pitts - 8th 
    • Josi Longson - 8th
    • Keira Petty - 8th 
    • Audrey Hawkins - 8th
    • Ashlyn Plank - 8th
    • Aryea Garcia - 8th
    • Eli Christian - 8th:  Tricaster, Journalists