• About Fabra Elementary

    Fabra Elementary School is one of the educational jewels in the Boerne community. Many long-time Boerne residents remember attending school at Fabra. We are proud of that heritage and proud today to be the students and staff entrusted with upholding the traditions of the "Fabra family."

    We are a family of learning. We are a family of caring. Our goal is to provide a positive environment of learning that will enable each child in our school to realize his or her full potential and to prepare them for the next phase of their educational journey.

    At Fabra Elementary, we believe in "Learning for all, whatever it takes."

    Our Fabra Heritage Fabra Image

    Fabra Elementary was named after the late Henry Fabra, a businessman and civic leader in the Boerne community for many years.

    Mr. Fabra's grandfather, Julius Fabra, immigrated to Boerne from Germany in 1854. Julius's son, Ludwig, took over the meat market that his father had established in Boerne. Ludwig's son, Henry, joined his father in the business as a youngster. Henry graduated from Boerne High School in 1912 and continued working with his father at the Fabra Meat Market.

    Henry also invested in cattle and over the years would develop a sizable ranching interest. Mr. Fabra married his wife, Ella, in 1927 and they had two children, a daughter Doris and a son Ray. Mr.Fabra was a veteran of World War I, a Mason, and member of St. Helena's Eppiscopal Church.

    In 1934, Mr. Fabra was elected to the Boerne school board, where he served in various leadership roles until 1950. He is credited with leading a drive toward school consolidation in the area and in establishing a school tax collection system for the district. Finances were such in that time that the school board members themselves - Mr. Fabra included - each contributed $100 to create the down payment on the Lohmann Street property that today is the site of Fabra Elementary.

    Mr. Fabra died in 1986 at the age of 82. His impact on education in our community is a legacy for which we are deeply grateful.

    A New Chapter

    In August 2016, a new chapter in the Fabra story began with the opening of our beautiful new school facility.  (Our old home has been repurposed and serves as Boerne ISD's administrative center and home of Boerne Academy.)

    Thanks to community support of the 2013 bond, the new Fabra Elementary is a facility well-equipped to provide education for the next generations of the Fabra family.  Complete with learning neighborhoods in grades K-5, an expanded library, learning labs and much more, the beautiful new home of the Falcons is a model for future BISD schools and a showcase for public education.