Mr. William R. Bradshaw

Phone: 830-357-2258


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Biology

Mr. William R. Bradshaw

Graduated from Austin College in 1990

Teaching since 1993

Taught AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, On-Level Chemistry, IPC, Biology I & Algebra I

Google Classroom codes are under Course Expectations tab



Teaching Schedule


1st - Honors Chemistry

2nd - Conference

3rd - Honors Chemistry

4th - Honors Chemistry



5th - Conference

6th - Honors Chemisty

7th - AP Chemistry

8th - Honors Chemistry  

Due to COVID-19 and the additional requirements to teach e-learners I will no longer have after school tutorials.  Tutorials will be held from 0800-0835 every morning my one of the three chemistry teachers.  The schedule is TBD.