Dr. Valerie B. Holcomb



Degrees and Certifications:

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology B.S. in Biology

Dr. Valerie B. Holcomb

Dr. Valerie B. Holcomb received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Prior to teaching, she worked as a scientist studying the role of DNA repair and cell cycle responses in cancer and aging.  She has published 18 research articles in peer-reviewed journals.  Her love of science and the lab is the reason she decided to leave the lab and pursue a career in teaching.  This year will be her second year teaching high school Biology and she hopes to bring her real world experience to the classroom.






A Day

1st:   Conference

2nd:  AP/DC Biology

3rd:   AP/DC Biology

4th:   AP/DC Biology

B Day

5th:  Biology

6th:  Biology

7th:  AP/DC Biology

8th:  Conference