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Mrs. Sherilyn Simm

Sherilyn Simm has been the Challenge Lab Teacher at Kendall Elementary since January 2015.  Sheri was born and raised in Minesing, Ontario, Canada, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Specialized Honours from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree from Nippissing University, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Sheri has enjoyed travelling all over the world with her husband and two sons, and has taught in South Korea, Norway and, of course, Canada!


Challenge Lab Overview

The Challenge Lab provides an additional tier of service to identified elementary Gifted students. Students go to the Challenge Lab for a minimum of 90 minutes a week to receive curriculum and instruction designed to provide additional challenge and opportunity to pursue topics of interest. 


Challenge Lab instruction is based on the Texas Performance Standards Project (State G/T) curriculum and Project Based Learning, which is an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks specifically designed for gifted and talented students.    


Activities in the Lab are designed to cause students to think in more in-depth and complex ways. Challenge Lab teachers use Sandra Kaplan’s model of Depth and Complexity and her icons for each element to engage students in assimilating new information, making connections, and digging for deeper understandings. The focus of instruction in K-2 is on helping students acquire and build independent study and research skills.  At grades 3-5, students engage in project-based learning where they research and explore real-world problems and challenges.