Mrs. Summers

Phone: 830-357-3340


Degrees and Certifications:

I am available to meet or by phone in the mornings at 8 am. I am also available during my conference periods 2nd & 7th.

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Summers teaches 8th grade American History.  She has been educating students since 2011 and absolutely LOVES what she does!  She graduated from the Universtiy of Houston with a major in History and a minor in English. She and her husband, of 26 years, have raised two wonderful children.  Their son, Ty, plays linebacker for TCU while he finishes his masters.  Their daughter, Faith, is a junior and plays golf for SMU. In addition, Mrs. Summers helps coordinate FCA and encourages her students in their extracurricular activities.  Besides family & teaching, her passions include old movies, reading historical narratives, traveling to historical sites, organizing and studying nutrition.

  • A DAY / B DAY

    1st (American History)/ 5th Period(American History)

    8:45- 10:10

    2nd (Conference) / 6th Period (American History Pre-AP)


    3rd (American History Pre-AP) / 7th Period (Conference)


    • 2nd Lunch - 12:30-1:00

              (Class time - 11:50-12:30 & 1:05-1:50)

    Study Hall


    4th (American History Pre-AP) / 8th (American History)




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    Google Classroom Codes

    • 1st Period    0cwis80
    • 3rd Period   cl33p6p
    • 4th Period   ikhnn7
    • 5th Period   nl3em2z
    • 6th Period   jbosun
    • 8th Period   m4ipgx1