Mrs. Kathy Lee



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kathy Lee

Bio and Education

Dance educator with over 27 years of experience in the dance and education industry.  10 years of instruction at Boerne High School and 12 years at Champion High School. Physical Education instructor, Fine Arts Dance Instructor, Speech/Communications instructor and Debate Instructor. Director and founder of the CHS Charms and Boerne High School Starlettes. Dance and Drill director for 23 years with Regional, State and National Championship accomplishments.  Outstanding contest director appreciation award in spring of 2017. Mock Trial Coordinator for 8 years attending State contest 5 of 8 years 3 State Finals at BHS and 2 State Finals at CHS. Boerne Outdoor Academy High School coordinator for 15+ years and BOA district secretary for 5 years. Founder and coach of Fair Oaks Elementary Ranch Ropers Jump Rope Team. Member of various district committee member as well as UIL Director, Junior Class and Prom sponsor.


Graduated from the University of Texas in San Antonio with degree in Kinesiology and all level-certification.  Certifications in Fine Arts Dance, Communication, Debate and Physical Education.



    Informational items for Dance:

    Director Conatact Information: 

    Kathy Lee, Director

    Office #830-357-2745

    Class Schedule:

    1st Period:  Charms Dance Team  Google Classroom Code:  m5d57a2

    2nd Period: Fine Arts Dance I Google Classroom Code: cvkkzlp

    3rd Period: Fine Arts Dance I Google Classroom Code: k63chks

    4th Period: Conference

    5th Period: Charms Drill Team  Google Classroom Code:  m5d57a2

            Charms Drill Team E-Learner Classroom Code: fmc6hu6

    6th Period: Fine Arts Dance I Google Classroom Code:  5sateq4

    7th Period: Fine Arts Dance I Google Classroom Code: f36syal

    8th Period: Conference

    ********GOOGLE Meets Codes are on each Google Classroom

    CHARMS Schedule:

    Dance Practices A-days prior to school Drill practices B-days prior to school

    Dance and Drill Wed. after school and Thurs. am everyone Sept & Oct

    PLEASE refer to the Charms Google Calendar:


    Return to CHS Dance Classroom Guidelines:

    Please click on link if you have BISD access or read information below: 

    Champion Studio Classroom  

    Covid 19 Return to School Guidelines and Protocol

    First and foremost be respectful and responsible for yourself and others.  Follow the guidelines listed below and the BISD return to school guidelines.

    Champion Studio Guidelines

    Students are expected to follow all CHS Studio guidelines and BISD guidelines at all times.  Respect others' personal space and comfort levels at all times.  The health and safety of Students and Staff is number one.

    CHS Dance Studio students are only allowed in the dance studio during their designated time. No exceptions. If entrance is needed other than designated time prior notice and approval must be given by the Dance Director.  No outside individuals may enter the studio.  If entrance is necessary prior approval must be received from the Director/Instructor and ALL guidelines must be followed including completion of health form, temperature check-in and using hand sanitizer.



    Prior to entering studio:

    • Complete a daily health check PRIOR TO ENTRANCE in the CHS building. Be honest for the safety of everyone.  
    • ENTER through the main door by the number E-106 and EXIT through the far end door by the closet.
    • Temperature check-in at studio door entrance will be available.
    • Enter the studio with a mask on.  Coaches/Directors will also wear a mask..
    • Utilize hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of facilities.  

    Upon Entering the studio and while in the studio:

      • Maintain social distance at all times unless moving through dance steps and instruction (masks worn at all times.)
      • Any Breaks will be taken outdoors/outside (not in hallways/ buildings) maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.  Doors will be opened for air circulation between classes.
      • Only 1-2 students maximum in the restroom at a time (NO exceptions) Use Hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting restrooms with masks worn while in restrooms. Proper hand washing procedures will be followed.  Labelled tag will be posted outside restrooms when restroom is in use and no entrance by other students while restroom is in use. 
      • Each student will be assigned a number and will retain that number throughout the year for all purposes including labeling of items, bag location, floor location, restroom usage, etc.
      • Take labeled bags and labeled water bottle to the designated location in the studio and place by assigned number.
    • NO students in the Dance office at any time.
    • NO students in any closet at any time unless approved by the Director.

    FOOD & DRINKS - Student Expectations:

      • Do not bring food or drinks of any kind into the studio unless in a sealed/bagged container with first and last name clearly labeled on the outside.  
    • Personal water bottles may be brought to class.  First and last NAME clearly marked and printed on the outside (preferably no disposable bottles.)
    • Absolutely NO sharing of foods or drinks!


    • Students are responsible for cleaning up all items and must take them with them prior to leaving the building.  Re-entrance will not be allowed once dismissed.  If items are left you must contact the director to pick them up. PLEASE look behind you and keep all belongings together in your designated location ONLY.
    • PERSONAL BELONGINGS left will be placed in a separate location to allow for adequate daily cleaning in the studio.
    • ALL personal items (shoes, uniforms, clothes, makeup, jewelry, schoolbooks, bags/purses, etc.) must be CONTAINED IN CLEARLY MARKED BAGGAGE with first and last name visible on the outside- Backpacks/Duffle Bags/Purses, etc. - 2 BAG LIMIT


    Classroom Information:

    Innovative and diverse learning environment welcoming and encouraging all students to embrace the Fine Arts dance curriculum.  Students have the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the arts through all genres.  Principles of Dance I incorporates cross-curricular instruction in the classroom as well as core values and virtues.   Incorporating these traits enable students to be successful in all areas of academics, as well as learning life lessons. Personal Philosophy: Instill the love of learning in students while educating them in the art of dance and fostering a passion for using their skills throughout the lifespan.