Boerne Academy banner, students graduating
  • The Boerne Academy is a campus of choice available to BISD enrolled students.

     Students seeking an alternative route toward earning a high school diploma may apply for admission to The Boerne Academy.  Admission into the program is a selective process that includes the involvement of both the student and the student's parents/guardians. Also required is a recommendation from the student's home campus and the approval of The Boerne Academy administration. A pre-admission interview will be conducted and student's transcripts, test scores and academic record will be reviewed.

    Our faculty provides students with the motivational support and educational instruction required to assist them in earning credit hours toward a Texas high school diploma. Texas Educational Agency-approved curriculum is presented to the students in a self-paced fashion. This enables the self-disciplined student to complete course work quickly. The staff of Boerne Academy takes a personal interest in each student while helping them set realistic goals that will hopefully lead to the realization of dreams.

    Service learning projects are a required component of the Academy's curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to make a contribution to their community. Students must complete one hour of service learning for every week they are in attendance at Boerne Academy.

     BISD campus counselors have application packets. For more information please e-mail Cory Bell.