• Who Can Join?

    This is a class offered for 8th graders Only.  At the end of 7th grade, students can begin the application process for being enrolled in the class for their 8th grade year.  The class creates the school yearbook, learns Photoshop, takes pictures, attends games and attends a Yearbook Day Camp before school starts.  Current 7th graders - Look for details Spring 2019


    Would you like to be on the Yearbook Staff for the 2019/2020 School Year?  If so, click here, Yearbook Application, to view, download and print.  Deadline to turn in the application is March 8, 2019.  


    When do we meet?

    2nd Period on A Days!! 


    Sponsor:  Christine Grossenbacher

  • Meet Our Yearbook Staff!!

    • Addison Hankins - "Addi the Baddi"
    • Andrew Simmons - "Mr. T"
    • Colin Ryan - "Koolaide"
    • Ty Keller - "Tylenol"
    • Jaclyn Purchatzke - "Jay Quillin"
    • Hailey Stoner - "Rock"
    • Rylee Carr - "Bus"
    • Hailey Hernandez - "OG Hailey"
    • Olivia Keilman - "Olive"
    • Callie Sanin - "Fornia"
    • Julianna Stevens - "Jewelry"
    • Kambree Beavers - "Flat tail"
    • Hailey Elrod - "Elrodo"
    • Kat Waddell - "Kit Kat"