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  • The Herff Library is a center of learning for students to explore their interests and discover new and interesting things.  Students have access to a variety of materials including books, e-books, and digital resources.  The library is also a great place to curl up and read a great book!  There are MANY amazing ones to choose from!!

    The library is open each day from 7:35 am - 3:00 pm.  Students will visit the library each week with their classes, and may also come to the library between class visits to work independently or exchange their book(s). 


    Library Procedures

    All students come to the library each week for a lesson and to check out books.  

    Students in Kindergarten may check out one book at a time.  Students in 1st through 5th grades may check out two books at a time.  Although students visit the library each week, the loan period for books is two weeks.  After two weeks, students must either return their book(s) or renew them for an additional two weeks.  We do not charge overdue fines, however, we do charge for lost and damaged books.

    Our books are all brand new!  We need your help so they remain in excellent condition.  Please encourage your child take care of Herff library materials by reading them with clean hands, keeping them away from food and drinks, keeping them away from pets and very small children, and by using a bookmark to mark their place.  Water bottles often leak and should not be placed inside of the backpack next to a library book.


     Quote: children are made readers on the laps of their parents.