Mrs. Faith Kasukonis

Phone: 357-4649


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Early Childhood Education Hendrix College, 2005 PreK-4th Grade Generalist, TX 4th-8th Grade Generalist, TX K-6th Grade Generalist, AR

Mrs. Faith Kasukonis

Mrs. Kasukonis is a highly qualified educator under NCLB with over ten years of experience in K-5 classrooms. She is certified PK-4 but also 4-8 generalist.

"Mrs K.," as her students often call her, is a native Texan, born and raised in Midlothian near the DFW area. She completed her degree in Early Childhood Education at the prestigious Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. She has experience teaching kindergarten, first, third, fourth and fifth grades. Teaching first grade for five of her eleven years as a teacher has given Mrs. Kasukonis a very deep understanding of the reading process and teaching students of all ages how to be successful readers. Moving to the upper grades in 2014 she was able to take the reading foundations she laid in young learners to deeper levels with comprehension and text connections, and it was truly satisfying to see students using the basic skills they were taught in first grade to such a high degree.

Regarding math instruction, Mrs. K was a struggling math student in elementary school. The "one size fits all" approach to math was not a good fit for her as a learner. When things became difficult, she began to believe she just didn't "get it" and never would. Unfortunately, some teachers helped to contribute to her low self-esteem in math. This, however, is what makes her a dedicated teacher in the math classroom, as she is determined to encourage and grow each student in this area. While teaching in Arkansas (2011-2017) she received three in depth years of training in Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). Mrs. Kasukonis learned about children as natural problem solvers and mathematicians and their inherent ability to reason. She was able to see what had caused so much frustration in her own early education in math, which was a one-way approach to problem solving. Mrs. K will approach math from multiple areas: problem solving and strategy sharing, mini-lessons with practice, and group work activities.

Mrs. Kasukonis considers herself a lifelong learner, always reading about and researching the latest educational practices. She believes relationships are the main component in a successful school year for both the student and herself. When she is not at school you will find her with her family, which consists of husband Ben, and three children: Gemma, Ian and Owen.