Independent Study Mentorship Middle School (ISM-MS) is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Gifted/Talented students. The course follows the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) curriculum. Students have the opportunity to explore an area of interest in depth through the use of sophisticated and advanced research methods and contact with a mentor in their chosen field of study. The year-long project will result in a polished, public presentation of the product with a question and answer session. Students taking multiple years of ISM-MS may seek to continue to build upon previous projects or begin new research topics yearly. Students must meet the criteria for assessment set forth by TPSP to earn pass/fail credit. Texas PSP
    • Full Year Course
    • Grade Placement: 6-8
    • Prerequisite: GT Student



    Student Aides are assigned to a teacher, the library, the office to assist with various clerical tasks.

    • Semester Course
    • Grade Placement: 8
    • Prerequisites: Excellent academic and citizenship grades, application, and parent and administrator approval



    Student Leadership provides students opportunities to develop leadership, personal, and business skills. Students improve public speaking and communication skills and acquire an understanding of personal image. The content covers group dynamics, problem-solving, team building, motivation, and goal setting.

    • Semester Course
    • Grade Placement: 6

    Teacher: Dayna Comley, Campus Technology Coach



    The choices students learn to make when they’re young can have lasting impact on their lifetime well-being, happiness, and success. In this semester course, seventh grade students will learn strategies and tools for making good health choices throughout their lives. Areas of focus will be social emotional wellness, personal and reproductive wellness, violence and injury prevention, nutritional wellness, and financial wellness. Parents will have the opportunity to view all materials for the class as well as having the opportunity to have their child opt out of the reproductive wellness portion of the class covered through the “Worth the Wait” program.

    • Semester Course
    • Grade Placement: 7 

    Teacher: Joan Uecker



    Campus Yearbook is based on established principles of writing in journalism while incorporating the creative process.  Students learn the basic concepts of journalism by conducting interviews, writing copy, designing layouts and composing photographs to produce the school yearbook.  Students create the yearbook with the aid of computer software.  The course works as a business with students responsible for the financial planning, photography, writing, organization, and layout deadlines.   

    • Full Year Course
    • Grade Placement: 8
    • Prerequisites:  Application and two teacher references