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Mr. Aung-Myint

Hello! My name is Nigel Aung-Myint.  Feel free to call me Mr. A if that's easier!  (Aung-Myint is Burmese for "Highly Successful" ... boy, I sure try to be)

First and foremost, I'm so excited to be joining Champion High School and BISD for my first year of teaching.  I thrive off of adventure and challenge so the timing couldn't be more perfect.

I'm a certified secondary math teacher through the Uteach program out of UTSA and I truly love math.  It must be said however, that I've lived through every level of mathematical competence throughout my academic career.  From a disheartened student who was fearful of math, a timid learner exploring the excitement and beauty of math, to reaching a level of mathematical maturity that leaves me in awe of this philosophy and skillset that I will forever grow in.  

That being said, math is my hobby but teaching is my passion.  Nothing fulfills me more than watching learners of all backgrounds think deeply and grow.  

As math is truly the skill and logic of recognizing patterns and relationships, I've amassed an astounding number of varied hobbies and interests that are wonderfully interconnected if you can look at them with the right perspectives.

I enjoy:

Music (Guitar, singing, songwriting, trumpet, percussion, piano...)

Motorcycles (I ride at the track when I can.  I've even time trialed the Circuit of Americas)

Hiking/Camping (I've hiked all over Texas and many state parks in the US.  My dream is to thru hike the Appalachian Trail)

SCUBA diving ( I love love love the ocean and SCUBA is a great way to experience it)

PC building ( I've built too many PCs to count for gaming, music, and movie making)

Dungeons and Dragons (I've been a game master for years and a fantasy enthusiast for my entire life)

And so many more...  The point is that mathematics has cultivated this incessant desire and excitement in seeing the patterns and relationships in all things.  As a bonus, new skills and hobbies are easier to enjoy and level up in if you utilize the talents from other seemingly unrelated skills.  

^This in essence, IS math.  So show me your hobbies, tell me your interests, and let's see if we can make some connections together!




2021-2022 Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes 2021-2022