Bridgette Rohde

Bridgette Rohde

  • I have been teaching for 9 years. This will be my second year teaching at Boerne High School. We moved to Boerne after I spent a year student teaching at BMSS and realized that Boerne is the perfect place to raise a family. I graduated from Antonian High School, earned a Bachelor's Degree in English and Education from UTSA, and graduated with a Master's Degree in English from Texas Tech University. Since graduating with my Master's, I have been teaching Dual Credit courses for BISD and teaching as an adjunct professor at BISD.  I have four children (all of which are students in BISD)- Peytton, Theo, Milo, and Oliver- ranging from ages two to eight and a husband that I have been married to for ten short years.

    As you probably can imagine, we live a busy life.

    I look forward to meeting your students and I am hoping we all have a great year!


    Classroom: E-115

    Classroom Phone: (830) 357-2272


    A Day

    First Period- English 4  

    2nd Period-English 4 AP/DC    


    3rd Period-English 4 AP/DC  

    4th Period-Conference

    B Day

    5th Period- English 4 AP/DC

    6th Period- English 4 AP/DC    


    7th Period-English 4 DC    

    8th Period-PLC