Degrees and Certifications:

Secondary Mathematics and French life time teaching certification.  Texas. BA Mathematics:  University of Massachusetts, USA  1975 MAT Mathematics: University of Texas at Dallas, USA 1987

Mr. John Zukowski

Academics are not just an algorithm of skills to be memorized. I realize that very
few of my students will be using the direct skills that are taught in advanced mathematics.
class ten years later, but each discipline in school should teach students to learn
using different mindsets. I tell my students that they are in my class to learn to think like
a mathematician, that is logical, but that skill alone is incomplete. They must also learn
the skills of writing in order to communicate those ideas to others. Technology allows
students to explore and research on their own, as well as to reach out to others to share
ideas. Furthermore, students must learn to think creatively in order to be able to see how
ideas can be applied to areas that other less trained minds cannot go to. These are
the skills that help create the leaders of the future.
A successful teacher does not only teach their subject, but also creates an
atmosphere which models goals and learning styles that create life-long learners, and
strong moral characters that will serve them throughout their lifetime.

A Day:                                                                            B Day:

Period 1 - Common Planning                                         Period 5 - PreCalculus

Period 2  - PreCalculus                                                  Period 6 - Algebra 2 Honors

Period 3 - PreCalculus                                                   Period 7 - AP Calculus AB

Period 4  - Algebra 2 Honors                                          Period 8 - Conference 

Personal Experience

AP Calculus Reader for Calculus in Kansas City, Mo. USA Summer 2013 to present

AP International Consultant for Calculus 2022 to present.


Health Careers HS, San Antonio, Tx Aug. 2020-2022.

Dual Credit/AP Calculus and PreAP PreCalculus


Costa Rica International Academy, Brasilito, Costa Rica. 2019-2020.

AP Calculus, PreCalculus, Geometry, 7th Grade Mathematics.


Brandeis HS, San Antonio, Tx Aug. 2018 to 2019

Dual Credit/AP BC and AB Calculus, and PreAP PreCalculus


South China Normal University International Dept, Guangzhou, China.  Aug. 2017 – 2018. AP Statistics and Calculus.

  • Taught Chinese students who wish to go to university in either the US or Great Britain. All 25 students received a 5 in BC Calculus. 98 of 100 received a 3 or more in AP Statistics.


Bandera HS, Bandera, Tx  USA       Aug. 2007 to June 2016

AP/Dual Credit Mathematics

  • Built the Dual Credit/AP program from two students to over 130.  Students now receive credits in College Algebra,  PreCalculus, Calculus and Statistics.

  • Significantly improved the SAT/ACT mathematics scores.

  • Mentored teachers in the PreAP program to improve overall program.


Clark HS, San Antonio, Tx  USA       Aug. 2001 to June 2006

  • AP/Dual Credit PreCalculus program grew

  • AP/Dual Credit Calculus program grew

Highland Park HS, Dallas, Tx  USA     Aug. 1987 to June 2001

  • PreAP Geometry,  PreAP PreCalculus Mathematics

  • Teamed to build the program and double the size of the AP Calculus classes.

  • Created an after school SAT preparation class.

  • Created a summer PSAT preparation class that more than tripled the number of National Merit Scholars.

  • Became the first technology coordinator at the HS.  Created a class to build and monitor the first web page.  Held teacher in-services to increase teacher use of technology.


Dallas ISD, Dallas, Tx  USA      Aug. 1982 to June 1987

  • Taught both mathematics and French.

  • During my second year we had a large influx of Asian “boat” students, so I proposed and taught an ESL mathematics class. All the students but one passed the Mathematics Texas of Essential Skills test.

  • I wrote curriculum for the district for Trigonometry during the summer.

  • I was on the district evaluation team for mathematics.  We would evaluate schools one year prior to an official visit by the Texas Education Agency.


Collegio International de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela  Aug 1981 to June 1982

  • Taught honor’s Geometry and PreCalculus

  • Taught Basic Programming


Hollis HS, Hollis NH  USA    Aug 1980 to June 1981


Peace Corps Volunteer, Mali 

  • I taught mathematics in French.

  • I had more students pass the end of year exam than all the other teachers combined. 

  • I learned to work effectively in another culture, and to teach effectively in the French educational system.

  • I thought I was going to Mali to teach and give of myself, but ended up learning and receiving much more than I could ever have given.