• Putting the "Human" back into Human Resources

    At Boerne ISD we believe our employees are our greatest investment in the success of our students and schools.  Because of this belief, we strive to meet their skills and talents with the very best employee experience possible. 

     How do we do this? By ensuring our service to all employees is simple and supportive. 

    • Simple: From the day you apply, to onboarding, or in your day-to-day as a BISD employee, we strive to make it easy to work here.  This means removing the paperwork, time-consuming tasks and out of date processing, so you can focus on doing great work in the position you were hired for.


    • Supportive:  You can count on your HR support team to be your biggest fans.  Not only are we cheering you on, we are making sure you have the tools and resources to be a successful employee.


     Simply put, we are humans serving humans, and it would be our honor to serve you! 

Dr. Elaine Howard, Chief Human Resources Officer