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  • Digital Learning Mission

    The mission of Boerne Independent School District’s Digital Learning Department is to transform the instructional practices and philosophies of our educators to foster a Future-Ready classroom.

    Three-Tiered Support Model

    Multi-Faceted Campus Support Model

    • Digital Learning Specialists (DLS) support teachers, staff, students, and administration by providing onsite training to facilitate the effective use of technology in the classroom, and by providing staff with current Digital Learning resources to be integrated into their daily lessons.

    • In addition, each campus has a Campus Technology Coach (CTC), who collaborates with the Digital Learning Specialists to ensure their campus and staff are fully supported in their ongoing technology initiatives through supplemental trainings and support, assist with lab and device cart reservation processes and conduct basic support of technology.


    • The Digital Learning Staff co-teach with classroom educators to ensure the successful implementation of curriculum initiatives. They also confer with campus administration and Information Technology to make recommendations on the purchase of district-supported technology hardware and software, as well as professional development needs for the campus.

    On-Demand Learning Opportunities

    • The Digital Learning staff develop Instructional videos and documents, face-to-face training, as well as self-paced learning modules to allow for flexible on-demand learning opportunities.