Affective Learning

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    Use the online form below to submit your report. Please provide as much information as possible when filling out the forms. All requested information is optional.

    See Something? Say Something!

    If you have any questions before submitting your report, please contact the Coordinator for Affective Learning at (830) 357-3907, 235 Johns Road, Boerne, TX 78006. For more information about Title IX and harassment, please contact Dr. Elaine Howard, Title IX coordinator, at (830) 357-2081, or Annie Seiter, Director of Special Education, at (830) 357-2091, 235 Johns Road, Boerne, TX 78006.

    Boerne ISD recognizes the importance of providing education and support in social and emotional issues to educate the whole child. We offer a social-emotional curriculum and prevention education in bullying, substance use, violence, and social, emotional, and personal issues. We also provide support for students affected by these issues. With resiliency education and support, students are empowered to make healthy, positive decisions to be happy and more successful.

    Bullying Prevention and Reporting

    Each campus participates in bullying prevention activities and guidance though the counseling department. Students are provided instruction in SB 179, passed in 2017.  SB 179 - David's Law.  Students receive annual instruction regarding bullying and cyberbullying in grades K-7 through technology applications courses and in high school technology applications classes.

    Boerne Independent School District prohibits discrimination, including harassment, against any student on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.  The District prohibits dating violence, as defined by this policy. Retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process is a violation of District policy and is prohibited.

    If you or someone you know has experienced harassment, violence, discrimination, or bullying at school or at any school-related event for any reason, you may make a report to have the incident(s) investigated by the district. Any student, parent/guardian, or district employee may complete this form and return it to any administrator or counselor.

    Alternatively, you may make a verbal or other written report to an administrator or counselor. Any district employee who receives a completed report form or any other written or verbal report will immediately notify the complaint to the school principal or Title IX coordinator of the report, who will designate the person to investigate and resolve the report pursuant to the district's policies and federal and state laws.

    The district will not disclose the identity of any individual who makes a report, except to the district personnel designated to investigate the report or as required by law. Retaliation against any individual who makes a report or who participates or assists in an investigation of harassment, violence, discrimination, or bullying is strictly prohibited.

    The BISD “See Something Say Something” app is not monitored during weekends, holidays or after school hours.

    Boerne ISD policies related to bullying:


    Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting

    Campus counselors offer instruction in child abuse recognition and reporting in grades K-5. Students in health and PE classes are offered similar instruction at the secondary levels. All Boerne ISD teachers and staff are trained annually in child abuse recognition and reporting.

    Clinical Counseling Interns

    Boerne ISD offers short-term, solution-focused counseling at many campuses free of charge with student and parent consent. Students are offered confidential counseling during the school day, without being disruptive to instruction, provided by clinical counseling interns under the supervision of Dr. Holly Robles, LPC-S, LCDC. If you are interested in this counseling service, please contact your campus counselor.

    Digital Citizenship/Online Safety

    Boerne ISD students taking a technology applications course receive instruction on online safety and digital citizenship.  Students also receive instruction about bullying and cyberbullying in technology applications courses.

    Substance Abuse Prevention Education

    Boerne ISD is proud to partner with the San Antonio Council for Alcohol for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse to offer prevention education to students on many campuses in Boerne ISD. Campus counselors actively participate in substance abuse prevention by providing guidance activities with their students on each campus. Students are provided instruction in understanding emotions, relationships, dealing with anger, anxiety, and depression, peer relations, conflict resolution, tobacco/alcohol/drug refusal skills, and peer pressure.

    Red Ribbon Week

    National Family Partnership provides drug awareness by sponsoring the national Red Ribbon Campaign.  Red Ribbon Week serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.


    Suicide Prevention

    The life of every student and graduate of Boerne Independent School District is valuable. The administration, faculty, and staff of the Boerne ISD take suicide prevention very seriously, and use a detailed suicide prevention plan and protocol to address this concern in our local community. All faculty and staff are trained annually on the recognition of the signs and symptoms of early mental health problems, response to suicidal students, and crisis intervention. Secondary students are trained on recognizing signs and symptoms of depression and suicidal ideation and learn how to get help for themselves or friends when they take a health or Principles of Health Science class in high school. 

    Every counselor in the Boerne ISD has received specialized training on crisis response and the assessment of suicidal ideation. Campus counselors are prepared to help any student that may be struggling with thoughts of self-harm, depression, or anxiety, and students and parents are encouraged to contact their campus counselor or walk into the counselor’s office on their campus if they need assistance. If the counselor is not available, they should notify their campus administrator that they need help immediately. 

    If you are considering suicide, please go to the closest emergency room, call 911, or contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


    Teen Dating Violence Prevention

    The Boerne ISD is proud to partner with the Kendall County Women’s Shelter to offer prevention education in health and Principles of Health Sciences classes, Human Services classes, and in conjunction with campus counselors at the high schools. Together, they utilize student interaction and input to recognize unhealthy relationships, bullying, teen dating violence, and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in relationships. 

    During Teen Dating Violence Month in February, student groups mobilize to share information with peers to increase awareness of unhealthy, toxic relationships and teach healthy assertiveness skills.