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Day 2 Retreat

SP50 The Boerne ISD Strategic Planning 50 met Tuesday for their Day 2 retreat. The 50 made up of teachers, parents, administrators, students, and community members are the core group of the Strategic Planning process.

They have met numerous times beginning in the 2017-2018 school year and participated in the second all-day retreat to go over four areas to frame the planning process; Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, Fiscal Responsibility, and Customer Service. Action Teams will now be formed to begin work in October based on the framework the Strategic 50 has created.

The group also met earlier this month to discuss the books they were assigned over the summer break. The district also held three Open Forums this school year on Higher Education and Military, Business and Industry and Technology. Experts in those fields came to speak to meetings open to the public to explain the changing world BISD students encounter after graduation. Strategic Planning provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to create a roadmap for the future. Every few years, the Board of Trustees and senior leadership members meet to define the vision and goals of the district.

The Strategic Planning Committee meets to define objectives within the district goals. Subcommittees will be formed to research, discuss, and write action plans detailing steps to meet those goals. Action plans will be resented to the BISD Board of Trustees for approval.