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Eagle Art Installation

In September, our Art program competed in Artpace’s Chalk It Up TeamWorks Chalk Mural Competition. Our artwork for this year’s entry commemorates our namesake, Capt. Mark Tyler Voss. Centering around the theme of community, this artwork was made by 117 Art 2 and Art 3 students and 6 staff, who came together to work on our giant 83’ x 39.5’ mural. Our design features 5 jets, with Tyler’s jet largest in the middle. The four around his jet represent his team, supporting and flying him out into the sky. We also added a large eagle-shaped cloud on the right side of the mural, representing Voss’s patriotism and to also symbolize our school’s pride in coming together to achieve together.

Chalk in progress  Chalk beginnings  full

Art 1 students have also been working collaboratively by designing and constructing group paper installations, that can be seen installed all throughout our school. Students came together to brainstorm ideas, choose a color palette, and delegate workloads. Each paper installation is unique, with some commemorating honey bees, some paying homage to autumn, and some supporting the protection of our oceans.

bee hive  mobile  deer