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Wildflowers from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Ceneter

Captain Mark Tyler Voss Middle School opened in August of 2019 in Bergheim Texas. I was awarded a Seed Grant from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center to help encourage native flowers to grow around the school. The Environmental Action club that I sponsor searched the catalog and decided Bluebonnets would be perfect since our school colors are red, white, and blue.

We left campus for Spring Break and did not return to finish the school year due to Covid 19. I ordered and received the seeds during this time, so I stored them safely until we returned to school in August. My study hall researched how to plant Bluebonnets in our area and decided we would plant them on October 15. Mid October was the recommended time of year to plant and we wanted our seeds to have the best possible chance of blooming. We requested the district grounds department help by mowing the area, and we communicated where the seeds would be planted so they would be aware when they start mowing in the Spring. We spent three days preparing the soil where we would plant as we only have study hall for 30 minutes each day. Each student used a garden tool to break up the soil where they would plant the seeds. We spread out across the campus in hopes of starting many bluebonnet colonies across the school.

My study hall of 18 students invited our life skills class of six special needs students to help with the planting. It was a wonderful experience watching my 8th graders teach the life skills students how to correctly plant the seeds. We chose area’s with well-draining soil and full sun to maximize the growth potential. We do not have after photo’s yet, but are looking forward to seeing the growth of the flowers in the years to come.

**Covid 19 limited the number of students we could involve as group restrictions are in place right now.

Thank you for the generous donation to our campus! The experience of planting them was filled with teamwork and my students learned a tremendous amount about Native plants.