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BMS-North Student's Life Saved By Teacher Decade Before

Reunion of hero teacher Wednesday, October 24, Boerne Middle School North teacher Jennifer Alexander was thanked by the grandmother of one of her students. 


Alexander worked as a Bandera County EMS years ago and one of the most serious calls she responded to was for a one-year-old baby girl who was in a lawnmower accident. Jennifer drove the ambulance while her boyfriend (who is now her husband and who is still an EMT) rode in the back with the baby and rushed her to a waiting Airlife Helicopter. Doctors miraculously saved the baby’s life.


Fast forward to this year: Jennifer (now a teacher) realized the accident a student was describing during a class project, was the same little girl she and her husband saved 12 years before…


The little girl's grandmother Tammy, sent this email to Jennifer after hearing the discovery.


“Hailey told me that you are one of the people that drove the ambulance to Bandera Downs the day of her accident. I can’t believe it.  I would love to meet you and talk to you sometime. I have wanted to thank the people that were responsible for saving her life that day but I never knew how to find anyone.  Now I have finally found one of them!  If you don’t have my cell, here it is.  My name is Tammy.  You are an Angel!”


And Jennifer responded.


“Yes ma’am! I could hardly believe it myself! My mind is still reeling! I remember that day vividly – my husband and I were working part-time for Bandera County EMS (we weren’t married at the time). He was the paramedic who rode in the back of the unit, and I drove us to Bandera Downs to meet the AirLife helicopter. (We had called them to fly as soon as we heard the details of the call before we even left the station). Right now in class the kids are completing a “life map” of major events that have occurred in their lives. One of Hailey’s friends had already mentioned her accident – saying that she was sure that Hailey would be including that event on her map. As soon as I heard that, I wondered if it was the same kiddo. I dismissed the thought… thinking that the accident probably happened in Boerne. Then Hailey’s friend mentioned that Hailey was living in Bandera at the time of the accident. During 8th period, Hailey came up to my desk to share her lifemap with me. Once she shared the part about her injury, I told her about me and my husband being there that day as the EMS crew. You should have seen how BIG her eyes got! What a SMALL world!!!! I would LOVE to meet you and visit with you! Hailey is an amazing young lady, and I am honored to share this deeper connection with her and your family as more than just her English teacher! I’ll give you a call this evening. -   Jennifer Alexander  6th and 7th Grade English Teacher, Boerne Middle School North”


Tammy, Jennifer, and her husband Brett, were reunited at the middle school morning for the first time since the accident in an emotional moment.