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BISD Trustees Approve 2019-2020 Budget with Increase to Employee Compensation



Tuesday, June 18, 2019                                                                                                                      



Boerne Independent School District’s Board of Trustees Vote to Increase Employee Compensation Packages

The BISD Board of Trustees approved an increased compensation package of 6% for teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors and a 4.5% for other district employees.


BOERNE, TX- The Boerne Independent School District voted unanimously to approve a $7.3 million compensation package for the 2019-2020 school year. The compensation package will give all staff members a raise. As prescribed by House Bill 3 larger increases in compensation will go to teachers with an even larger raise for teachers who have more than five years of experience. The increase is possible because of HB 3 which was signed into law, June 11, 2019.

 BISD approved an average 6% increase for teachers (or a minimum of $2,600) which includes an additional $500 experience incentive. The Board also approved an increase of the district contribution towards employee health care of 3.6% for employee only and 11.7% for employee and family. This means teachers with five years of experience will receive an average 6.6% increase for a total compensation package of at least $3,232. 

All other non-teaching staff will receive an average 4.5% increase including the district contributions towards health care of 3.6% for employee only and 11.7% for employee and family.

 This increase in compensation comes one-year after the district passed a budget which increased teacher, librarian and nurse wages by an average of 3%. A 3% increase amounted to a minimum increase of $1,575.00 per teacher. Over the last two years, the Boerne ISD Board has been able to increase compensation by 10%.

 “We are grateful to the state for their work toward public school finance,” said Chief Human Resources Officer, Dr. Elaine Howard. “Our teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors will receive a 6% raise for the upcoming school year, including, a one time incentive in the amount of $500 for all the teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors who have more than 5 years’ experience and an increase of the district contribution for health insurance. All other employees will receive a 4% increase of their pay grade midpoint and an increase in the district contribution toward health insurance. It is a great time to be a part of the BISD team of educators!”

 “Our teachers, nurses, librarians, and counselors deserve this increase to their compensation,” said BISD Board President Joe Tidwell. “Our district employees have worked hard to provide our Board the option to show our appreciation in a way that matters to our employees, their families, and to make BISD a destination district.”

 These back-to-back increases are our way of showing the importance of our teachers to our district, said Dr. Howard. “It’s our way to say, ‘thank you’ for their dedication.”

“Our Board of Trustees have advocated for this change and we are very proud of their work in getting school finance at the forefront of state lawmakers’ attention,” said Tish Grill Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance. “This is the first step to help our district pass financial hurdles from fast-growth, and we anticipate more help from the state in the future.

 The changes effective July 1st, 2019 will be finalized for every employee by September 2019.