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Boerne Independent School District Board of Trustees Selected as Best Board in San Antonio Area

Board Tuesday, July 16, 2019         

The Boerne Independent School District is congratulating its Board of Trustees for their selection as the regional nominee for Outstanding School Board for the first time in more than 15 years

 Boerne, TX— The Boerne Independent School District Board of Trustees is one of just 13 school boards across Texas to compete for the Texas Association of School Administrators Outstanding School Board award. The board’s consideration for Outstanding School Board comes after their selection as the nominee from Region 20 encompassing more than 50 districts in the San Antonio and surrounding area.

 The award reflects the work by the school board for the 2018-2019 school year. The members during this school year are as follows: President Carlin Friar, Vice President Joe Tidwell, Alan Rich, Secretary Maritza Gonzalez-Cooper, [1]Dale Adams, Donna Sharp, Rich Sena.

Superintendent of Boerne ISD, Dr. Thomas Price, congratulated the board Tuesday for their honor. “Our school board’s reputation is well known in the Boerne community for being one that works together to solve challenges,” Dr. Price said. “The trustees listen to each other if they disagree on issues, discuss different options, and always vote with the best interest of students and staff in mind.” Dr. Price added, “We have a board that’s inclusive and whose highest priority is meeting every student’s individual needs, so every student is successful.”

The Texas Association of School Administrators considered similar traits when making their selection. The ten areas of the TASA application are listed below.

  1. Functions as a policy-making body
  2. Adherence to adopted board policies
  3. Support for educational performance in accordance with state-established standards
  4. Support for educational improvement projects and school transformation
  5. Commitment to a code of ethics
  6. Provision of financial support for the school system
  7. Participation in workshops and other performance improvement programs
  8. Placement of the welfare of children served by the school system above personal or political
  9. Public relations efforts, including community awareness
  10. Maintenance of harmonious and supportive relationships among board members

BISD would like to congratulate their board for this honor and the recognition of their dedication to the district.


[1] Retired from the board